Mini Cat Anti-Loss Tracker Quickly Locate Pet Collar


Real-time positioning: query position information and adjust positioning interval, and navigate to find pets.
Historical track: view the track of any day in 90 days
1. GPS fence: Compare GPS positioning data and judge whether there is an alarm when entering or leaving the fence.
2. WIFI fence: Compare WIFI hotspots and judge whether there is an alarm when entering or leaving the fence.
Health: Calculate the pet's exercise volume, calorie consumption, and exercise journey.
1. Dial the locator phone: listen to the sounds around the pet.
2. Voice monitoring: require the locator to call back the designated number and listen to the sounds around the pet
Instruction set
Set up the pet locator.

Operating system: mocor5
System data type.: 32 bits
Chip platform: 9820E
Main frequency: 1.2GHz
Architecture: Dual-core ARM CortexTM A7MP processor
Number of cores: dual-core
Support standard: GSM\WCDMA\FDD-LTE\TDD-LTE
Frequency band (A):
4G-FDD: Band T2)3\5\7\8
4G- -TDD: Band38\39\40\41 (100M);
3G-WCDMA: Band 1\2\5\8
2G-GSM: Band 2\3\5\8;
Frequency band (B):
4G-FDD: B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B17 B20 B28A
2G-GSM: B2 B3 B5 B8
Standby mode: single card NANO
Receive diversity: support
"2G Data (2G Data): EDGE"
<Data rate
"3G data rate (3G Data): DC- HSPA+\4. 2\2.2Mbps"
"4G Data: CAT4"
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Average standby current: 5mA/h
Average working current: 11mA/Hh (positioning every 10 minutes--times)
Working temperature: -20~70"C
Working humidity: 5% to 95% without freezing
Product modeling: Clip-on locator
Appearance size: 52*42* 1 5mm

Package Content:
1 x Collar

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