Pet outdoor chest harness



Material: Nylon
Product Category: Chest strap
Scalable: Yes
Color: blue, black, pink, blue traction rope, black traction rope, rose red traction rope

Specifications (length * width): XXS, XS, S, M, L

This seat belt makes your dog's life easier. The simple design makes it easier and faster to install, which only takes a few seconds. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time. The sturdy high-density braid and the reflective stripes on the braid make your dog travel safer. Safety belt---hand pull support, backward pull (normal traction rear O-ring), forward pull (follow the front D-ring training), and pull the front of the tow rope to prevent dogs from rushing in, a combination of multifunctional Function makes it more perfect. Compared with traditional collars and seat belts, DogFad seat belts are designed according to the dog's physique, so it will be the most suitable tool for your dog.

Note: Please check the size with your dog before buying, thank you.

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